About Us


We are the most successful human consultancy in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our company’s successful training initiatives have increased the employment prospects. Bangladeshi professionals are the most pursued in every sector for their intellectual technical, physical and adaptive abilities. And when it comes to outsourcing manpower, we’re the first and often the only company, which off-shore employers as well Bangladeshi professional find dependable enough. Our company has been providing candidates for manpower needs in industries from a long period. We are a Recruitment Agency to Provide Candidates of All Levels and which is transparent in all its dealings. The rates that we charge are quite affordable as per the industry norms. The service quality is maintained. We are confident of fulfilling every aspect of your need, to your immense satisfaction. With our style of operation, you can be assured of absolute confidentiality and promising results. Our Goal is to exceed client expectations by delivering the highest standards of professional service with a unique management consulting.

Trust Worthy

Our company will take up a total headache for the entire process of the recruitment. We will try bringing in the best candidates for you. We will successfully carry out all recruitment. As a recruitment consult, we have become a trusted name.


As a specialized recruitment agency, we provide a wide range of recruitment services for candidates and employers alike and executed by our experienced world-wide teams of consultants and recruiters. Reaching out to potential candidates, starting a conversation, telling your story, listening with cure and communicating openly. We seek connections, start conversations, build relationships and participate in our community.

Our values

  • We work with people, we recruit people.
  • Information and experiences, success and failures, good news and bad news-we share openly it makes us all stronger.
  • We share our success by giving back. To our teammates, to our industry, to the community around us-to people who can use the help.

What we do

Our service to adapt to your company’s recruiting needs. But no matter how we support you, we promise to put your people-you, your team, and the talent we approach on your behalf first.

How we do it

Any recruiter can match resumes to recruitments. But finding someone who will thrive in the role-someone who will excel at the tasks, work well with the manager, add to the team dynamic, and contribute to the company culture-that’s tracker. This is how we do it.

CEO Message

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Global Education Services BD website. I hope the information here provides you with a greater understanding of our company, our brand promise and our core beliefs. We have a proven track record of top-quality services, with reliability and care, to the full satisfaction of our clients. We have built long term relationship with our valued customers.


In this era of overwhelming competition, we provide our clients with the best possible tailored solutions to suit their needs. The appeasement of our clients is the trait by which we measure our quality of service.


I want to assure you that when you sign up for our services at Global Education Services BD, you can be confident that you will always be dealing with a professional organization that seeks to create a long-term relationship with you.

Mithun Ghosh
C.E.O – Global Education Services BD